Links For Highly Ambitious People

When I was in college I used to spend a lot of time scrolling social media. I wish it was put to better use. Also, I am constantly amazed how ignorant I was to all the amazing opportunities on offer for students. So I am putting together a list of links worth spending time on.


Pioneer grant -

Emergent Ventures -

Thiel Fellowship -

Cards against humanity STEM scholarship for a woman -

Helium grant ($1K) -

Y Combinator startup incubator -

Einstein Fellowship -

1517fund -


Wolfram Summer School -


Google Summer of Code -

Find hackathons on devpost -

The Recurse Center -

A-Z resources for students - A-Z resources for students

List of interesting labs - interesting-lab-websites


Slate Star Codex - Curated links

Gwern - Curated links

Alexey Guzey -

Github Awesome startup resources - Github repo

Github meta Awesome - Meta repo


Hell yeah or no - article

How to do what you love - article

How to maximize serendipity - article

Patrick Collison's advice for young ones - article

“the standard pace is for chumps”

Got any other links that should be on this list? Kindly email me